How does the service work? Here's what we do:

  • Discuss your automotive wants and needs and advise you which vehicles can best match your criteria.
  • Provide you with reliability and resale histories of these vehicles.
  • Search for the vehicle that matches your specifications.
  • Bring the vehicle to you for an extended test drive (some exceptions).
  • If you are trading a vehicle, we will "shop" it to dealers and wholesalers to help you get the most money for your trade.
  • Negotiate the purchase or lease on your behalf when you have decided on a vehicle.
  • Inform you of any incentives, rebates, and special interest rates.
  • Compare dealer financing with that of local banks and credit unions to ensure you receive the best rate.
  • Bring all of the paperwork to you.
  • Follow up with any paperwork or equipment the dealership owes you.

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